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Setting up Simple Texting

This article will help a member of a Lodge within the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Indiana assigned to the role of "Lodge Marketing & Communications Officer" through the steps of setting up Simple Texting to communicate with their lodge members. It is recommended that the lodge assigns this brother Assistant Secretary access to the Lodge Portal to enable him to access the personal information required to execute this program.

What is Simple Texting

Simple Texting provides scheduled bulk email messaging to your members. Via a mobile app or online portal, your lodge can both send, receive, and respond to messages from membership. Text messaging is considered one of the most effective ways of communicating concise information to your audiences.

Step 1: Secure funding and approval of your lodge to purchase and use this technology.

Review Simple Texting pricing at this link. For most Lodges, the basic package will be plenty of messages sent throughout the year (at the time of writing - 6,000 messages/year for $225.)

At a business meeting for your lodge during the new business, move to "Allow the Director of Marketing and Communications to use his personal credit card to purchase, be reimbursed for, and begin using Simple Texting to communicate with Lodge members. The amount will be (insert annual amount here.)"

Indiana Members - You will have to use your personal card and be reimbursed for your expense as lodges should not have credit/debit cards.

Step 2: Setup your Simple Texting Account at

Create a new login or use one of the single sign-on buttons located at the bottom of the registration page

Enter your information for the account. This includes your name, your cell number, (note: this will NOT be the number they will message from - they just need to ID you) your lodge name and a website if you have one.