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If you have a need or a project that is of considerable size, scope or importance to the fraternity and you believe that you will require support from the PR & Marketing committee, please fill out the appropriate request below:


Beginning in 2022, the Grand Lodge of Indiana began sending new Master Masons with a campaign to better inform them of many of the norms and customs of Craft Masonry. To preview these emails, please sign-up below.

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Does your lodge have a need for a specific piece of marketing collateral (material) but you can't find an existing template in the File Share library? Take a moment to tell us about your need.  

What makes a good request - a need that many lodges may have. This could be as simple as a flyer for a local Fish Fry or as complex as a template for a lodge rededicaiton. Our goal is to get you 90% of the way there and allow your lodge the flexibility to finish. Submit Request

Digital social media
Data Reviewing

The INGL PR & Marketing Team is responsible to support the Grand Secretary with internal communications. This can be as simple as a Facebook post on the Indiana Grand Lodge Facebook Page or as complex as an email blast. 

What makes a good request - know the audience and request appropriately. If you have some good news that you wish to share, a Facebook post may be best. If you are sponsoring (and have approval for) a large event, like an outdoor degree, an email and social media may be appropriate. Submit Request

Do you have something BIG in mind? We may be able to help. By selecting this option, you will be walked through the creation of a marketing brief. From this brief, our team will analyze your needs to determine the prioritization, budget needs, GM alignment, and capacity. 

What makes a good request - a big dream and leadership alignment. Most of these requests will come from other GL committees, but that doesn't mean you can't request support for a lodge level project. Submit Project

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