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What is the Order of the Rusty Nail?

The Order of the Rusty Nail is a short program for use in a tiled lodge to refresh the memories of brethren holding a valid dues card who are not regular in their Lodge attendance.

The Order of the Rusty Nail refreshes the memory regarding the passwords and signs of the three Blue Lodge degrees. It touches on Lodge customs and reviews the mysteries and legends of Freemasonry as taught in the ritual.

The Order of the Rusty Nail is a program to encourage members who may have been absent for an extended period of time to come back to the lodge and enjoy the fraternity as an engaged member (or refresh their working knowledge as they are away.)

Lodges may "Put On" the Order of the Rusty Nail on a regularly scheduled basis or only on special occasions.  You may attend any Rusty Nail Degree given you have your Dues Card or you coordinate with the Lodge Secretary in advance to validate your membership.

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