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Worshipful Master

Jursidiction Note: All reference to Masonic Law refer to Blue Book of Masonic Law of Indiana, INGL

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The Worshipful Master has been elected by his Brethren to fulfill the highest honor which can be bestowed upon a Master Mason. No Mason should begin climbing the flight of stairs to the Master’s Chair in the East without first pledging to himself that he will dedicate and devote all his energy and zeal to fulfilling his duties to the best of his ability. The trust placed upon him by the Brethren should never be violated.



  1. Call the Lodge to order in stated meetings at the time and place set in the bylaws.

  2. Call the Lodge in special meetings for degree work, emergency meetings, or social functions.

  3. Preside at the meetings of the lodge. (When absent, the Wardens by rank will preside. If all three officers are absent, the lodge cannot be opened.)

  4. Control all discussions and preserve harmony and good order within the lodge.

  5. Pass upon the proficiency of candidates for advancement, or permit a vote by the lodge members present. (Chapter 30, Indiana Blue Book of Masonic Law.)

  6. Control the voting within the lodge and see that each member present casts a vote or is legally excused from voting. (See pages 303-304 Blue Book – Ball and Cube Ballot.)

  7. Prohibit the discussion of political and religious matters in the Lodge.

  8. Know the Indiana Blue Book of Masonic Law and bylaws of the lodge.

  9. Preserve the Lodge Charter as its lawful custodian.

  10. See that the degree Work is exemplified with Dignity and consistent with the requirements of the Grand Lodge.

  11. Carefully select all appointive offices and committees of the Lodge, and see that they are at labor.

  12. Approve all orders or vouchers drawn on the Treasurer with consent of the lodge.

  13. Fill temporarily all vacant stations and places with proficient members. (See Blue Book, Reg. 17.080, 17.080-1, and 17.080-2.)

  14. Read and discuss in Lodge the proceedings of the Grand Lodge.

  15. Preside at the Masonic Burial or Memorial Service of a deceased member if requested, or cause same to be done. (Chapter 23, Indiana Blue Book Masonic Law)

  16. Make immediate personal contact with the family and offer assistance upon notice of the passing of a Brother or a member of his family.

  17. Represent the Lodge at the Grand Lodge Communication, area meetings, Lodge of Instruction, Educational meetings, etc. (Regulation 18.010 (g))

  18. Answer all communications promptly and courteously.

  19. See that the Constitution, Laws and General Regulations of the Grand Lodge are observed and obeyed.

  20. See that Actual Past Master's Degree is conferred in conformity with the Indiana Grand Lodge Rules and the edicts of the Grand Master upon the Master elect -- who will become his successor in office.

See that his successor is installed. (Refer to Installation of Lodge Officers) A Worshipful Master is not eligible to serve as such unless he has previously been elected, installed, and served as a Warden (Reg. 17.020), and may not be installed until after he has received the official Degree of Past Master in a Convocation of Actual Past

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