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Junior Deacon

Jursidiction Note: All reference to Masonic Law refer to Blue Book of Masonic Law of Indiana, INGL

Download & Read "The Indiana Manual of the Rods" (Requires Credentials for the INGL Portal. Out of jurisdiction may request a copy through the Grand Secretary's Office.)

The duty of the Junior Deacon is to be the messenger of the Senior Warden. His duty is the custody of the door opening from the Tyler’s Room. He permits no one to enter or retire without consent from the Worshipful Master or Senior Warden.



  1. Understudy the Senior Deacon that he may relieve him whenever necessary and prepare himself for advancement to the duties of the Senior Deacon including the committal and delivery of the Middle Chamber (Staircase) Lecture.

  2. Assist in the preparation of candidates for the degrees.

  3. Reach a high degree of proficiency with the rod and its use.

  4. Assist in introducing visiting Brethren and see that they are made to feel at home.

  5. Proceed with a study of the Book of Constitutions and Bylaws including Chapters 12 through 39, Indiana Blue Book of Masonic Law.

  6. Attend all called meetings of the lodge, except when he has been officially excused.

  7. Carry out lodge assignments given by the Worshipful Master.

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