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Senior Steward

Jursidiction Note: All reference to Masonic Law refer to Blue Book of Masonic Law of Indiana, INGL

Download & Read "The Indiana Manual of the Rods" (Requires Credentials for the INGL Portal. Out of jurisdiction may request a copy through the Grand Secretary's Office.)

A good Lodge will be recognized when giving value to the work of the Stewards. It shall be the duty of the Senior Steward to assist the Deacons and other officers in the discharge of their duties, and to sec that the tables are properly furnished at refreshment, and that every Brother is suitably provided for.



  1. Prepare and present candidates and to assist the Deacons and other officers in performing their duties.

  2. Aid in making visitors feel welcome through introductions and providing a good seat in the lodge room.

  3. Become proficient in rod and floor work.

  4. Attend to other such duties as may be defined by the Worshipful Master.

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