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Senior Warden

Jursidiction Note: All reference to Masonic Law refer to Blue Book of Masonic Law of Indiana, INGL

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It shall be the duty of the Senior Warden to look well to the West and serve as an assistant to the Worshipful Master in the government of the lodge. It should be a year of planning, keeping in mind that the primary duty upon reaching the Master’s Chair is “to set the Craft to work and give them proper instruction.”



  1. Serve as Master in his absence.

  2. Be able to open, close and confer all degrees. (Add the following:

    1. Knows the opening, closing and how to conduct business for a stated meeting.

    2. In some lodges knows the opening, closing, and the ritual work for the Fellow Craft Degree, and will regularly conduct the work.)

  3. Know the business of the Lodge and have knowledge of all committee work, and candidates in process, and coming events.

  4. Help secure instructions for the candidates.

  5. Have knowledge of the finances of the lodge.

  6. Have knowledge of the codes, which relate to proper discussion, lodge procedure, lodge jurisdictions, Masonic conduct, authority of the Master, etc.

  7. Observe the various Brethren who would best fulfill the duties of a line officer, as next year he must appoint new officers. He should consider the following;

    1. Does the selected Brother have the time to devote eight years of sincere application to the Lodge?

    2. Will the appointment conflict with his vocation?

    3. Does his family support him in his endeavor?

    4. Has he initiative and a good personality?

    5. Is he capable of memorizing and presenting the work and lectures?

    6. Will he develop into a LEADER?



  1. Participate in Lodge of Instruction.

  2. Attend to other duties as may be directed by the Worshipful Master, which include:

    1. Have knowledge of all committee work.

    2. Know the status of all candidates and their progress through degrees.

    3. Becomes familiar with the Blue Book of Indiana Masonic Laws.

    4. Prepares himself for advancement to the Worshipful Master.

    5. Attends Grand Lodge activities such as Founders Day, Grand Lodge, Masonic Home Festival, and other activities.

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