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Senior Deacon

Jursidiction Note: All reference to Masonic Law refer to Blue Book of Masonic Law of Indiana, INGL

Download & Read "The Indiana Manual of the Rods" (Requires Credentials for the INGL Portal. Out of jurisdiction may request a copy through the Grand Secretary's Office.)

The duty of the Senior Deacon is to be the messenger of the Worshipful Master. His most important duty is to welcome visiting Brethren and introduce them to the lodge members so that they will feel at home. Both ritual and floor work are a part of the required operation of this station.



  1. Introduce and accommodate the visitors of the lodge. (See Blue Book page 179 “Reception of Distinguished Guests”)

  2. Receive and conduct the candidates in all degrees.

  3. Prepare the ballot box at the order of the Worshipful Master. (See Blue Book pages 176-179 "Ball and Cube Ballot”)

  4. Be able to give the Senior Deacon's Middle Chamber (Staircase) lecture.

  5. Proceed with the study of The Book of Constitutions and Bylaws and the bylaws of the lodge.

  6. Attend and participate in Lodge of Instruction.

  7. Carry out the duties assigned by the Worshipful Master.

  8. Commit to memory the Worshipful Master part of the Entered Apprentice degree.

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