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Upcoming One-Day Classes | This will be updated with other options

Discover the Mysteries and Brotherhood of Freemasonry in a Single Day! Join us for an immersive experience like no other—the Freemasons' One Day Class. Delve into the secrets and symbolism of our ancient order as you journey through all three degrees of initiation in just one day. Uncover the timeless teachings that have shaped generations of leaders, thinkers, and men of character. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Masonic history and values, all while forging lasting bonds with fellow initiates. Are you ready to embark on a unique path of personal growth and camaraderie? Don't miss the chance to be a part of this extraordinary event. Join us for the Freemasons' One Day Class and take your first steps into a world of enlightenment and brotherhood


Candidates for the Degrees of Freemason must have been voted on by their mother lodge in the affirmative and come with a completed INGL Form 43 EZ (INGL Credentials Required to Open.)  

These credentials must be presented to the event registration committee before entering the lodge room. Please read the Blue Book of Masonic Law Reg. 29.030. Petitions.

No events at the moment
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