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Junior Warden

Jursidiction Note: All reference to Masonic Law refer to Blue Book of Masonic Law of Indiana, INGL

The Junior Warden is primarily a liaison officer or coordinator of activities. This does not mean that he takes the spotlight, but is a vital member of the TEAM. Usually the Master and the Senior Warden have more work to accomplish than time permits, and the Junior Warden is the one looked upon for assistance.



  1. To serve as Master in the absence of the Worshipful Master and Senior Warden.

  2. Know the opening, closing, conferring of degrees, and how to conduct a business and/or stated meeting. In some lodges:

    1. Knows the opening, closing, and how to conduct a business and/or stated meeting.

    2. Knows the opening, closing and ritual work for the Entered Apprentice Degree and will regularly conduct the work.

  3. Promptness and regular attendance at all Lodge meetings and special social functions.

  4. Assisting the Senior Warden in "special functions."

  5. Carrying out any duties assigned by the Worshipful Master, such as:

    1. Supervision when the lodge is at refreshment.

    2. Being a part of the Lodge Greeting Committee.

    3. Serving on the Ritual Committee.

  6. Continued study of the Grand Lodge By-Laws.

  7. Supervision of arrangements for visitations to other lodges and return visitations.

  8. To prefer charges as set forth under Indiana Blue Book Reg. 43.080(b).



  1. Participates in a Lodge of Instruction.

  2. Attend to other duties as may be directed by the Worshipful Master, which includes but not limited to:

    1. Calls lodge from Labor to Refreshment & Refreshment to Labor.

    2. Ensuring refreshments are provided after each lodge meeting.

    3. Prepares for advancement to Senior Warden.

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