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Export your Member List from INGL Lodge Portal

(This step is the same for any digital direct marketing tool regardless of which you pick.)

Note: You should re-run this export annually and add new or plural members throughout the year to the Simple Texting tool. Remember, some of the most important members to communicate with are those who just became a member of your Lodge. We must ensure these brothers get off to a good start within the Craft.

1) From a desktop or laptop, visit, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click on the "Lodge Portal" link; login.

2) On your lodge's dashboard, click on the "Actives" metric

3) The next window will display a list of all current members of your lodge. You will need to export this list to a .csv (comma separated values) field for import into your e-marketing tool.

4) On the upper right-hand side of the list, click on the down arrow next to the cog and select "Run a report for these members."

5) From the "Select Desired Extract From the List" column (left side,) select "Members with preferred address."

6) On the next screen - click the "Next > > " button on the right just above the data table.

7) Enter a file name for the export and select "Comma-Delimited Text" from the File Format drop-down box. Hit "Run > >"

8) The red status bar will reach 100% done and a link will appear that says "Your data extract is finished. Click here to download." You will Right Click on that link and select "Save link as..." from the pop-over menu. This will save the file to your local downloads folder.

9) From here, you can use that CSV file to load content into your e-marketing software.

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